Chris Salazar

Guitar / Classical Guitar / Theory

Chris Salazar began playing guitar at the age of 6. He studied at Mount Royal Conservatory of Music in Calgary, where he joined various different guitar ensembles and competed in nation-wide competitions such as the Kiwanis music festival. After studying classical guitar as well as theory in the conservatory, Chris took up private flamenco studies and began delving into improvised music. In his late teens, he began to study with Calgary’s renowned guitarist Ralf Buschmeyer. In addition, Chris has also played in various Rock and Funk bands. He completed his diploma in music at Mount Royal University, then went on to earn his Bachelor of Music from the prestigious Humber College Music Program in Toronto. Chris is a proficient improviser in many different styles of music. An experienced teacher, Chris structures his lessons around any genre of music to help his students achieve their musical objectives.